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At SOS Entertainment, we always look for these 12 Core Values in every employee: Enthusiasm, Efficiency, Communication, Attention to Detail, Humility, Integrity, Leadership, Family, Community, Innovation, Teamwork and Progression. These values allow us to be able to look out for a person who is a hard worker and will connect well with the SOS Entertainment family. A strong work ethic lets a person contribute as much as possible and maintain steady habits in their work life. Their ability to connect with others will help not only in the office, but also at events. That person needs to be able to communicate and be friendly with everyone they work with, we feel every event and person we interact with is important!

At the San Diego office, everyone has a strong work ethic and is precise in what they do. There is not much room for a mistake, and everybody tries their absolute best to work toward what they need to do without fail. All of our employees who work at SOS SD are progressive, but have a good balance, and make time to sit down and chat with each other, sharing jokes and eating lunch together. They keep a strong bond of friendship within the office which is something special about this company. Not every single business has a workforce as tight-knit and productive as SOS Entertainment.

This week we want you to meet our SD Staff — check back daily for a highlight of each employee!


Every graduation is a special occasion. It is a time when young adults graduate and move on from the school they have called home for a very long time. They begin the process of transitioning from a teenager just barely understanding the real world, to becoming adults working jobs and going to college, starting the journey for the rest of their life. At SOS Entertainment, we want to make that a very precious moment because we always want everyone to have a fun time with whatever special event it may be. Here’s an example of the setup we use to create such a wonderful graduation ceremony: